BCZAMD 3D Printer Parts Super Wire Connection for Ceramic Cartridge Heater Heating Tube/Thermistor 100k Ntc 3950 Hotend CR-10 Anet A8 (SPL-2, 10PCS)

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Product Name : Super Wire Connector 2 Pole
Model : SPL-2
Rated Voltage : 400V
Rated Impulse Voltage : 4KV

Universal Wire Connector
Material of Insulation: modified nylon(PA66)
Contact Material: phosphor copper
Wire Cross Section: 0.08~4.0mm2(single hard wire), 0.08~4.0mm2(multi soft wire)
Color: Grey+Orange
Rated Current: 32A
Rated Power: 7KW
Gauge: 28~12AWG
Strip Length: 9 – 10mm
Package: polybag
Compatible: e3d v6 heater hotend

How to use our products:
1.Strip the wire according to the specified length.
2.Dismantle the orange operation handle straight and plug the wire into the hole.
3.lower the handle.

Package includes:
1 x 10PCS Super Wire Connector 2 Pole

Product Features

  • The connector for joining braided and solid wire and wires of differing sizes. They work with such as 3d printer CR-10 Anet A8 ceramic cartridge heater wire and most every gauge of normal household wiring: ceiling fans, sockets, switches, cars, motorcycles, ships, loudspeakers, lamps, electrical boxes, chandeliers, light switches, fan controls, and much more.
  • This is a connection of artifact, bid farewell to the traditional tape winding way, this product is to use safe, reliable, convenient and allows you to stay away from the electrical fire and wiring.
  • The operation is very convenient, the first peel line length 9–11mm, pull rod terminals (Orange), dial to 90 degrees.
  • The end of the thread into the hole, back rod (Orange), will connect the wire.
  • The suture method is very simple, the operation is the reverse direction, the terminal can be used repeatedly.

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Jacana-Boutique – 3D Printer parts Fast Wire Connection for 12V/24V-40W/50W Ceramic Cartridge heater Heating Tube/thermistor 100k ntc 3950 end

Product Name:Fast Wire connector
· Rated Voltage : 400V
· Rated Impulse Voltage : 4KV
100% New, Never Used.
Contact material:phosphor copper
Wire Cross section:0.08~2.5mm2(
multi soft wire
), 0.08~4mm2(
single hard wire
Rated Current:32A
Rated power: 7KW
Strip length: 9 – 10mm

Product Features

  • 100% Brand new and High quality.
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