Replicator 2 Glass Printing Bed Plate Replacement Upgrade Accessory for the Makerbot Desktop 3D Printer – Replaces the Warped Acrylic Print Bed with a Very Flat Glass Plate with Notches to fit into the Makerbot Replicator 2 Printer Bed Tabs and Slots

Why can’t I print a large Box with my Printer?

Well, you can, but it won’t print straight when you use the included Acrylic Plate. The Acrylic Plate can come warped from the printer manufacturer, or it will warp after a large print.

To be able to print a large masterpiece on your brand new $2,200+ printer you will need to replace your Acrylic sub-par printer bed with a Super Flat, non-warping Glass Plate. A Glass plate that doesn’t have glued on tabs that could come off at anytime, but tabs and notches that are cut into the glass to keep the bed in one spot throughout that 24-hour print job.

This is made of tempered glass, so it is very tough to shatter. This Glass plate will withstand almost anything an acrylic plate can withstand.

Product Features

  • Glass doesn’t warp like Acrylic so you can print across the entire surface.
  • Don’t be fooled by the “One-Piece” Glass replacements from other companies as they have Glued on tabs.
  • Width, Length, and Thickness are identical to Warping Acrylic Plate included by the manufacturer (within tolerances)
  • Glass is heavier, and thus creates a more stable platform for your 3D Printed Objects.

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