The 3D Printing Handbook: Technologies, design and applications

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If you’re looking to master the key aspects of 3D printing, this book is for you.

The 3D Printing Handbook provides practical advice on selecting the right technology and how-to design for 3D printing, based upon first-hand experience from the industry’s leading experts.

In this book:

  • The mechanisms behind all major 3D printing technologies
  • The benefits and limitations of each technology
  • Decision making tools for technology selection
  • Actionable design advice and guidelines
  • Industry case studies from world-leading brands

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3D Printing. The next Goldrush is on it´s way. Inside information on how to start printing in 3D, where to buy Printers, how to use them, and the newest Pictures and reviews of available 3D Printers.

3 thoughts on “The 3D Printing Handbook: Technologies, design and applications”

  1. Great manual for seasoned product designers & rookie hobbyists alike VERY thorough. This isn’t your ‘quick-weekend-read-to-pass-some-time’ type of book. It’s packed full of extremely detailed and informative specs on every additive process you’ve heard of plus several more. Particularly for industry folks, it’s a good addition to the library. The first half is all about the technical specs of each production method, and the second half is a tutorial on when and how to use each one.Good for the product development engineer, managers of service/print…

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