Weedo Portable 3D Printer,Auto Calibration 3D Printer for Kids, WiFi Control,Fully Assembled for PLA+Free Micro TF Card Portable 12V Home Use 3D Pinter

Machine Specification:
Model Name: Weedo TINA2
Machine Size:210*210*290mm
Machine Weight: 3KG
Printer Head: Single Head
Voltage Input: 110V AC / 220V AC
Maximum Power: 60W

Print Specification:
Maximum Build Dimensions: 100*105*100mm
Layer Thickness: 100-500 microns(0.1-0.5mm)
Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
Print Resolution: 100 microns(0.1mm)
Filament Specification:
Filament Size: 1.75 mm diameter
Compatible Filament:PLA/PRA PRO

Software Specification:
Software: ReplicatorG/Cura
Input format: STL/G-CODE/OBJ
Supported operating system(s): Windows, Mac, Linux
Connection: Micro-USB, SD card.

This 3d printer machine is a unique, easy to use, user-friendly, portable 3D printer that brings you an amazing experience with a quick start in 30s and simple operation.

After obtaining position data from the platform through measurement, the intelligent assisted leveling system help during the whole printing process to ensure the platform level, which is realized by non-contact magnetic induction switch.

This 3d portable printer is easy to use and very safe as it has an environment-friendly filament, anti-scale nozzle design and 12V safety low voltage.

This is the user-friendly, home-friendly, and kids-friendly mini 3D printer. Enhance 3D spatial perception and imagination by touching 3D models. Print each part and assemble them to make your own toys. Enjoy the parent-child time accompanied by 3D printing with your kids.

Package includes:
1x 3D Printer
1x Filament
1x USB cable
1x Power cable
1x Power adaptor
1x TF Card
1x TF Card reader
1x 1.5mm hex wrench
1x 2.0mm hex wrench
1x 2.5mm hex wrench
1x Glue
1x Yellow tape
1x Phillips Screwdriver
1x User Manual
1x Guarantee Card

Product Features

  • Easy To Operate:Our Tina 2 3D printer is beginner-friendly,ready to use.No professional installation is needed.If it is your first time to use our 3D printer,the boot wizard in our system can teach you from stratch.You can easily adjust the distance between the nozzle and the bed via the screen interface.If you have kids in your family,Our 3D printer is a good choice for you to give them as a gift.
  • Mobile App Control:Our Tina 2 3D Printer comes with wifi module.You can start to print as soon as you connect the printer to your cellphone.Our app comes with online model library,you can also find whatever you want to print and finish it by 1-click.Our 3D printer can also resume printing from the last recorded extruder position after suffering unexpected power outages
  • Flexible and Removable Build Plate: The flexible, removable build plate makes removing a model easily. Simply remove and flex it to dislodge the model. You can easily replace it if it becomes damaged or can swap in a second build plate to start a new print immediately after completion of a project.
  • Portable& Safe To Use:Our Tina 2 3D Printer is only 4.9kg.Light weight and portable with fashionable design,it rarely takes any room.Our product is designed with low 12V voltage,more child-friendly and safer for children compared to other 3d printers.There is another feature that we are proud of,tina 2 is designed with high temperature nozzle protection cover which prevents kids from being hurt by high temperature.
  • Various Ways Of Connection:Up to 100 micron layer resolution. Can print from a computer using a wireless wifi or physical usb connection, or offline with a micro TF card.Build Size:3.93*4.72*3.93 in.We provide 12-month warranty and lifetime technical support,please contact us whenever you have a question about the operation and software.

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