WitBot SKR V1.1 Control Board 32-Bit CPU Like MKS-SBASE 3D Printer Board with DRV8825 Driver Kit for 3D Printer(DRV8825)

1.Acceptable 24V input, the hot bed current can be reduced to 1/4 under the same power, effectively solving the heating problem of the hot bed MOS tube.

2.The PCB board layout is rigorous and beautiful, and it is specially designed for heat dissipation.

3.Motor Driver: Supports TMC2208, TMC2130, LV8729, DRV8825, A4988Etc., can be externally connected to the motor drive. Recommended software: Cura, Simplify3D, pronterface, Repetier-host, Makerware.

4.Motor drive interface: X, Y, Z, E0, E1, five channels (each channel has a re-expandable interface), up to 256 subdivisions.

Note:1.After the SKR motherboard is powered on, the red light D4 in the lower left corner will light up, indicating that the power supply is normal; The middle of the board 5V SEL is the power supply selection end;
1) when using USB to power the motherboard, short circuit cap should be used to connect +5V and USB feet;
2) when 12v-24v power supply is used, short circuit cap shall be used to connect +5V and INT pins;
Note: it can be connected to both [12v-24v power] and [USB] at the same time. Short circuit cap must be used to connect +5V and INT in the printing process.

Product Features

  • BIGTREETECH SKR V1.1 motherboard is Shenzhen Bigtree Technology Co., Ltd. The 3D printing team has introduced a cost-effective 3D printer main control board for some problems in the market. It is especially suitable for small and medium-sized printers.
  • The performance of the ARM-class Cortex-M3 series LPC1768 master chip with a 32-bit main frequency of 100M is greatly improved;Equipped with highly modular open source firmware Smoothieware, convenient for users DIY and secondary development, do not worry about the inability to master the core code of worries.
  • The configuration file is used to set the driving current mode, avoiding manual adjustment of the current to cause the burned drive, convenient, safe and reliable;High-performance MOSFETs provide better heat dissipation.
  • Using powerful development tools, Keil MDK integrated development environment: support online debugging, more helpful for product development and performance optimization, using C language development, low development threshold.
  • Support Display : 2.8-inch, 3.5-inch color touch screen,  LCD12864 screen;Support functions:  Non-trace resumption after power off, run out filament ,and auto shut down.

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